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Verse of the day 13

You have the power to say what is going on in your life. You and God. The enemy has no power over you. Decree and declare Gods word over your life. You have the breath of God in your lungs. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave is within you. Go ahead and … Continue reading Verse of the day 13

Run The Race

Hi fam. How are you? I have 17 followers on Life and Faith. I have never in my life thought I will write devotional pieces to 17 people. For me, that is a big deal. In my heart I know it’s the beginning. Recently, I was at an award ceremony. It was beautiful and great … Continue reading Run The Race

God cares about you

Hi everyone. It’s been a while since my previous blog post. I started working full time, basically working two jobs, my schedule is so hectic, does not even feel I have time to breath. The responsibilities keep on pilling on like never before. Its tough, but I am glad that God trusts me to handle … Continue reading God cares about you

Verse of the day


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