Seek and save

Call it ranting, call it frustration, call it spiritual or call it truth. But there is something that is on my heart. It is written in Luke 19 verse 10 that the Son of man came to see and save those who are lost When we as Christians hear the word lost, we immediately think … Continue reading Seek and save

A Grateful Heart

I have to be honest, writing a blog is one of the joy’s in my life that I treasure the most. Although, I do not have so much time anymore, I still regard Life and Faith is a hobby that I hold close to my heart. I am a High School Teacher, and I thought … Continue reading A Grateful Heart

No one will ever shut

If I have to tell you the doors that God have been opening for me, I will have to write a book. If you have favor on your life, nothing that can stop you, and I have to and want to give God the glory. It is Him who never leaves us or forsakes us.


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About Me

I have been actively walking with Christ for about over 6 years. I can say that without the love of Christ I would be nowhere in life, a dead person with air in his lungs. Jesus revived me and gave me a new life. A life filled with purpose, passion and a bright future. Read more:

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