Seek and save

Call it ranting, call it frustration, call it spiritual or call it truth. But there is something that is on my heart. It is written in Luke 19 verse 10 that the Son of man came to see and save those who are lost When we as Christians hear the word lost, we immediately think … Continue reading Seek and save

Life in Abundance

I had in interesting encounter with someone online this week. There was someone who filled in the contact form this week. There might be someone out there with similar issues and I would like to help them out as well, so I am going to share my response. For her protection, I have replaced her … Continue reading Life in Abundance

How great is it to do the will of my Father?

The answer is short and sweet, absolutely fantastic.Good day Fam. It has been a while since a have written an actual post. Due to certain circumstances I have lost a lot of inspiration. Depression covered me. Was not pretty. But Jesus is always there to pick me up and lift me up. Even above an … Continue reading How great is it to do the will of my Father?