The about page, the place where I want to tell the history that inspired me to start a blog, but let’s not bore you with the details. Rather, I am going to tell you what inspire me as a person. True inspiration and inspiration that lasts comes from one source, and that is from Jesus Christ.

I have been actively walking with Christ for about over 6 years. I can say that without the love of Christ I would be nowhere in life, a dead person with air in his lungs. Jesus revived me and gave me a new life. A life filled with purpose, passion and a bright future.


To be honest, this blog was a spur of the moment thing. I had a discussion with a family member about life and then BOOOOM, I spontaneously decided to blog about life and Christianity. Three hours later, I paid for a premium WordPress website. That’s what life with Christ is like, He thrusts you into new and unknown territories. My whole Christian journey I have been into the deep end and I had to swim. This blog will be no different.

If you haven’t guessed it yet let me make it official, this is a blog about Christianity. What I have learned throughout my journey and how I see life looking through the lens of The Bible.

What qualifies me to do this and why should you follow my blogs? Well nothing, I do not have a degree in theology, not yet anyways. What I do have is a degree in marketing (which means I can totally brainwash you into following my blog………………… kidding) and a can-do attitude. That’s enough to start a blog, right?

If you are looking for biblical teaching, there is probably a thousand other sources out there that will help you set you on a right path. But, if you are looking to read pieces written by an average Joe (true Christians are above average anyway) who has a passion for Christ, and you want some motivations along the way, then follow my blog. My blog will tell stories of my walk with Christ, my interpretation of the Bible and how The Bible could be practically applied to in your life from my point of view.

My aim is to motivate, inspire and help yes. But that’s not all. My wish for this blog is to be a place where people can find a break from the day and read Christian motivation that is out of ordinary and plain weird. That’s me by the way, weird, out the ordinary and different. Another goal is to walk with people in their valleys as well as in their mountain tops. Don’t hesitate to drop me a message on the contact form or social media sites.

In my mind, this page will be formally informal. This is way to long for an about page, but I hope you catch my drift (I know that’s not easy).

Quotes of great spiritual leaders

Being a Christian is more than just an instantaneous conversion – it is a daily process whereby you grow to be more and more like Christ.

Billy Graham

No great thing just happens, no positive mind just happens, you have to construct a positive mind. You have to construct a positive attitude

At Boshoff

Weak leaders place blame. Strong leaders take ownership!

Rick Godwin