Thank You Jesus

Hello World

Man oh man, I am so glad for the rest I have experienced earlier this week. I had a full two days off. Much MUCH needed rest. For two week in a row I had to work six days in a row, and on the seventh I volunteered at church. Full schedule in deed. The result of the rest was out of this world.

This is a draft that was on my draft list for a couple of years. I think that it has been lying there for a reason. I think it was to post it in the proper time. That time is now. Not earlier, not later, in time. After I read the topic I was in awe of all the memories, all the memorial moments where God has come through for me. And I am truly thankful for all you have done for me Jesus.

Thank you for all the times when I have questioned your judgment, but you have not held that against me.

Thank you for all the times when I was impatient, but you came through for me in the proper time.

Thank for the times when I lacked inspiration, energy and enthusiasm. Your hand was never short of dealing out what I need.

You are my God. I worship, praise, honor, and lift you up high for all the times you have come through for me. Thank you, Jesus.

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