No sir, not today

Heeyyyyyyyyyyy evrrrrryyyyyyybodyyyyyyyyy. What an informal way to start writing a blog. Hope life is treating you as well as myself. May everything continue to be a billion dollars.

No-Sir not today is a writing piece that has been sitting on my draft list, probably since last year, or it could be 2020.

I reflection…………………..imagine my blue eyes having a flash back. Dream clouds the works…………….. Anyway, in reflection I remember that I was down for some reason. A wave of black cloud depression or that weird feeling of being lazy or the feeling of avoiding the world.

Whatever the feeling was, all I said was no sir, not today. And my mood changed. My mindset changed and I was over it.

Probably sounds easy. Wow like a big guy sitting behind his computer and pretending to be all that. Well I promised you it was hard and tough

But I did it.

What is your barrier today?

Say, no sir not today and go and conquer the world you champion.

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