Overnight success

Today I am greeting you from a sunny South Africa. The southern hemisphere is in its winter months. And in the central part of South Africa that means no rain. In this part of the country no rain is equal to a dull and dry. But the sunsets in this part, are UNBELIEVABLE. In a sense, I feel obligated to show you one day what I am talking about. That is one day when I have captured the perfect sunset of course.

Do you think the phrase “overnight success” is true? Success meaning success that will last a lifetime.

Have you ever heard the quote: “It takes twenty years to become an overnight success.” I would like to credit the individual who said such quote. According to a simple Google search, I landed on Brainy Quote (https://www.brainyquote.com/). According to them, the person responsible for such brilliant quote is named Eddy Cantor.

I am a young male, in his late twenties. Passionate, ambitious, big dreams, are some character traits that is present in my life. Another character trait that I have and is present in most young people, is impatience. It will take some time for someone in their twenties to achieve their dreams and goals. The impossibility almost seems like a small reality if you dream as big as me.

I could not be alone who suffers from big dream sickness. But what you do what with that dream is what makes all the difference.

To change out outwardly, you need to change inwardly. As easy as that, you want to affect a change on everything that is on the outside of you, then start with on your inside. Character, passion, thoughts and how you control your emotions.

Work hard, and in twenty years you will be an overnight success. And your success will last for generations.

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