the right people

Good afternoon/Good morning (depends on where in the world you find yourself in) to all my faithful readers.

I hope you are doing well on this fine day. I woke up this morning in the most cheerful mood, even though there were issues surrounding me. Troubles came at me left and right. Power went off. Loadshedding troubles and all. If you do not live in South Africa, please do yourself a favor and Google “loadshedding” and imagine what we South Africans has to go through on an everyday basis.

Have you ever looked around you and you are eternally grateful for the people you are surrounded with. I am feeling more and more grateful for all these wonderful people around me. And this is me, a man who never let anymore come close to him. Now look at me, I am being grateful for these wonderful, authentic and fantastic people. You need the right people in your life, I will say that again, you need the right people. The people you surround yourself with can make or break you. Motivate you or break you down. Build you up or leave you in shattered pieces.

You have to be careful though. Some people are snakes. Pretending to on your side, and then they bite you from out of nowhere.

How then, do you know if the right people are the right people? The answer is simple: progression. You will progress naturally through life. Happiness and peace will be consistently present in your life. And most important, you will feel refreshed and energized after you leave their presence.

My prayer for you today is that you will be surrounded by the right people. And get rid of the wrong.

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