When I contemplate how to start of my new piece, I cannot succor to the fact that I am truly thankful for my life, this blog, my job and all that God has done in my life.

Again, I would like to thank God for everything that He has bestowed upon my life. Our God is an awesome God indeed.

Celebrate the little victories in life. Celebrate what you have achieved. Have the 24-hour rule and then move on to your next goal. For those who aren’t aware of the 24-hour rule, it means that when you are victorious or achieve a goal, you celebrate for 24 hours and then you focus on the next goal in mind.

My post is a dedication for the fact. I officially have more than a 100 subscribers on my blog. It feels like yesterday where I post a similar piece when I had 50 followers. I was so ecstatic. Now I have more than a 100. What a privilege.

Thank you to every single person who reads and take inspiration from my blog. My goal, my dream, me desire is to one day earn an income from writing. Not for the sole purpose of enriching myself, but to make a living in motivating and inspire people to be better versions of themselves.

I believe is that whatever you, if it does not bring honor to our God, then it is not worth doing.

Whatever you do, do it as if on to The Lord. Paraphrased from Colossians. Say the following prayer: Thank you, Jesus for all the abundant blessing in my life. Thank you that you keep me safe and protect me wherever I go. I pray in the mighty name of Jesus that I will reach all the goals I have in my life. I pray that I will always progress in life and never regress. In your word You promised that when we stick with You that we will move forward in life. Amen

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