The more you do, the easier it gets

Can you name one workout routine that everybody crunches on their teeth upon hearing it. I do at least once a week two weeks. I despise doing this exercise. The pressure to mention is massive. A curse word could be easier to say (or not). Most gym junkies does not dare to even mention it. Some people promise themselves to never let this word cross their lips. Can you guess what is it?

The dreaded plank of course. I have heard people call it bridging as well. All I know is, is that this routine is reserved for the brave of heart, those who are as tough as nails. The mental game that is at play is even more of a factor than your muscles getting tired or sore. Or wait, I am being too brave, both is at play with this one.

A little part of me dies on the inside when my PT tells me to do planking. For me, an 8 to 5 working class warrior (or is it hero) who is also a couch potato in his spare time, I could compare it to eating toothpaste for breakfast.

I have noticed two notions yesterday when I cried before, during and after my routine:

  1. The mental game is pretty much real.
  2. The more you do, the easier it gets.

The mental game could be explained like this: for some reason, my mind tells me to put my knees on the ground even though I know I can push on. On that specific moment is when I have to push on and finish the one-minute mark. A split-second second over the one-minute mark is too much, you overachiever.

For the first week, the struggle was real. When I get to 30 seconds, okay sorry, 20 seconds, my knees were on the ground. Yesterday, I finished the whole of my two one-minute plank sets without giving up halfway. The ease and improvement was something truly astonishing for me. It goes to show, that the more you do, the easier it gets.

Isn’t life the same? You have to do something sometimes and the level of difficulty is extreme in the beginning, but as you get accustomed to it and the more experienced you get, the easier life becomes.

My routine could be described as the following: a one-minute plank set, two core sets of 30 reps, followed by another one-minute plank set. And I finished it all.

For all those couch potatoes, 8-5 work working class heroes (warriors) like me who dreams of a summer body, do not run away from the core section of the gym. The routine is not that bad as the newspapers makes it out to be.

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