Get the job done

Hi faithful readers of Life and Faith

I am so excited for this new launch of Life and Faith. I believe that I have not been as productive writing and focusing on my blog as I have been the past month or more.

I know and have peace in my heart that this is because I am in a place in my life where I am supposed to be. My plan is not a plan that I have followed with my own my mind. I am where God wants me to be.

Friends, a while back I was where you can say at crossroads in my life. Not a big life or death crossroad, but rather a simple little choice that has a big impact on my life.

I always had this thought that for me to energize myself en “rest” I have to be alone and separate myself from the rest of society. I found it unbelievably difficult, because I am a working adult, who volunteers and pretty much enjoy spending time with my girlfriend.

You see, when two hard-working people come together you generally have to navigate the relationship so that you spend quality time together and have that alone time. A difficult balance to have if you are a new relationship.

My mindset was in a way that I could not rest when I was not alone, which was not true. My rest is when I spend time with the one a love the most.

How can I explain it for the revelation to be more clear? Rest is not a thing you do, but I mindset you have when you step away from the desk at work.

Playing golf, watching movies, having date night, volunteering at church, that is all part of resting. A lot of joy can be experiences when doing those activities and not rotting away in your apartment the whole day.

I had to shift my mind towards that. Shift towards that shift going to be in different ways.

What has this to do with getting the job done?

Simultaneously with that mindset came another mindset. It does not matter how you feel or where your emotions are at, you need to get the job done. Us millennials, and me included, say a lot: “it does not matter if it didn’t work out, I did my best”. I am at a point in my life where I realized that doing my best is not good enough, you have to get the job done no matter what. I do sometimes fail horribly, but then other days I do get the job done.

Let us from today get the job done. Do your best in whatever you can, but get the job done nonetheless.

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2 thoughts on “Get the job done

  1. What a great message. I myself am learning to operate through my emotions, because it is an inevitable cycle of ups and downs. But yes, whatever’s set has to be done regardless, and that’s a great habit to cultivate. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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