The lack of inspiration

40 minutes. Forty minutes then I am going to have weekend. No work. No responsibilities. Me and whatever I can do, that is on my agenda. Sort off. Being an adult will be the order of the day. Working life has got me doing chores on the weekend. Between though, there will be plenty of adventures. Believe me.

Sounds like I am on surviving mode, doesn’t it? That is not the case to be honest. I am out of skin excited for a change of scenery than the four walls of my office.

Have you ever felt that you lack inspiration? You have the urge to do a task, complete an goal or try to be generally productive, but the inspiration is lacking? Me too. Many a time I wanted to reach a goal, but it feels that you struggle to find creativity to run after. I sometimes feel like that when I have to write. Like my earlier piece, I wrote that I wanted to grow this blog to more viewers and subscribers than I now experience. I lacked the inspiration to do so.

But what to do when inspiration is lacking? That is a question I have been wanting to answer for some time? I wish I had a golden wand to strike myself when I want to be inspired.

The answer is, DRUMROLL……………………….:

  • Holy Spirit (be Spirit lead)
  • Choose happiness
  • Surround yourself with positivity. If you are around negative people, surrounded by a negative atmosphere, get yourself out as soon as possible. Even if you have to be alone. That is n necessary sacrifice.

If you only do point number three, do it. That for me is the most important. BE POSITIVE POSITIVE POSITIVE

May my few small pointers help you. Have a great weekend.

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