Fitness Goals

As you might know, I am a firm believer that all that you think and do should be to bring glory to God. As you may notice, most of my earlier posts has been about Faith and Spiritual issues. I have decided to add one more arrow to my quiver, my fitness journey.

My 2021 fitness journey is something that I am not proud off. I picked up a whopping 8KG. I am not going to hide away from excuses, that 8KG is self-inflicted, between a tough work schedule I have not been focusing on my diet, not one bit.

I am a firm believer that you have to live the best possible life you can live. Also, accountability could be of aid for me to reach my goal, which is no small goal. My goal is to lose a massive 16KG in 2022. Hard work and discipline is what needed to be celebrated here.

Would you please partake in my fitness journey? Make sure I lose that 16KG and be in the best shape I possibly could be.

And of course, if this helps you to be inspired to do the same. Sounds like a win-win situation for me. Please keep on following Life and Faith for my Fitness Journey.

I will also post my workouts now and then. Featured image was on 15 February 2022, after one the harshest leg day sessions of my life.

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