Seek and save

Call it ranting, call it frustration, call it spiritual or call it truth. But there is something that is on my heart.

It is written in Luke 19 verse 10 that the Son of man came to see and save those who are lost

When we as Christians hear the word lost, we immediately think about an atheist or someone who has “backslided” ……which is all true, but do you know what I feel?

The lost person is sometimes someone who sits in the seat next to you in church, smiling. Sometimes the person next to you is the broken person, depressed person, or just someone in need of a friend, someone in need of a willing ear.

It come down to one word…….love. The word that describe our perfect God. But it is the action that we neglect the most.

This week……reach out to someone in church. Save the person next to you in church group. Who knows…….they are sometimes the people that needs the most saving.

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