Verse of the day 22

Verse of the day 22

Hi all

I am a bit blown away that I am already on number 22 with verse of the day. This one is a goody. If anyone is in Christ, he/she is a new creation. The moment you give your life to Christ, everything is new. You are new, your whole being is new.

I just love that Christ forgets your past and then He gives you a new life, isn’t that awesome? I am so honored to be walking n life with Christ for 7 years. Jesus makes me a new person every single day. Always molding, shaping me lifting me into my destiny.

As I write this I am so in love with Jesus and who He is. I am in awe of who He is. It is an amazing feeling to have. May I always live a life that brings honor to the King of Kings and The Lord of Lords.

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