A summary of my 2020

Hi all. I have written the following on my Instagram and I have an urge to share the same with you. May God touch you greatly through these words.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is today”

Last year this time I struggled with unemployment and a very poor mindset. I wanted to fight out of it my own but couldn’t. After months of being depressed I realised that my circumstances is not what God destined me for.

With the help of the Holy Spirit and a awesome church family, I completely transformed into a new person

In the middle of a very poor economy God blessed me with multiple financial opportunities. Which is nothing short of an extreme miracles

What I am basically saying is that no matter what you see around you. No matter the negativity of the world. Your future is bright of you choose it to be. You can literally do anything if you put you mind to it and if you really have extreme faith in Jesus

I now wake up with an extreme new purpose of life. I have a confidence level that I never had before. I am ready to conquer with God on my side.

This is by no means a new years post. Cause tomorrow I’m just going to continue with the momentum I have now. It is all still possible

And the best part is, you can do the same. How do I know? Cause time and time again God has lifted me up to levels that I sometimes wasn’t ready. But by the help of God I am continue going to climb to levels.

May God lift you up out of your pit and put you into the palace. Thank you for everything Jesus. Blessed 2021

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