Is the church still relevant?

The words in the title has been spinning in my mind time and time again this week. I know of countless Christians that seems to think that being actively involved in a church is irrelevant in the modern times. This is so sad though, cause being planted in a church is probably the most important aspect of a the Christian life. Having a church family is the greatest privileges one can have as a Christian

I am ecstatic that I waited until now to write this post as I just got home from church myself. In such a great mood from being with my church family, overwhelmed with joy. How could you not want to be part of this?

Is the church still relevant though? Anything is online anyway, so why not watch a quick clip of a pastor and go on my way. Technology is amazing and helped a lot during Covid, but you have to get to the point where you go sit physically in church. It is a whole different ballgame than sitting in front of the TV.

Again I ask, is the church still relevant? I want to answer that question with another question. If the church isn’t relevant then why did Paul and the apostles travel throughout Asia and Europe if the church didn’t play a major role in the Kingdom of God? Why did Paul then write all those letters to churches? Surely God would have revealed another method to spreading the gospel if the churches wasn’t necessary.

There is on more thing that bothers me greatly with people who “say” they believe. People feel that they can attend church when they feel “ready” or when their spiritual life is at a certain level. May I take this opportunity to kindly tell you that you are making a great mistake. Jesus is waiting for you despite the position you are in your life.

When I turned to Jesus, it wasn’t when my spiritual life was awesome. It was when I was a broken man. If you are waiting for perfection, then you are not going to need God.

Why wait? Dive in and experience what God has for you through His bride. On that note, in the second coming, Jesus is coming for His bride (the church). I leave you with a quote from king David. He understood the importance of church. Surely so could you. Psalm 122:1:

Is the church still relevant?

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