How to grow Spiritually

I ask of you one moment, a moment in your day to reflect on the goodness of God. Take a moment and remember how far God has brought you. We could be so focused on the future and pray for the earthly materials that we do not have. God is truly good, was always good to us, and will be forever more.

Reflecting on God’s goodness is not the main subject for today. Today I would like to talk to you about the word yes. Have you ever watched the movie “Yes Man” starring Jim Carrey? Have not watched it yet? Okay, no problem I’ll wait.

Watched it? Great! Now that we are on the same page lets get down to business…….Oh wait, would you please subscribe to my blog?

In this article, I am going to give you a small glimpse on how I went from a pretty mediocre Christian to a demon hunter. You know, wearing my leather jacket and all.

For some reason, I struggle to say no. Or let’s use positive words, I always say yes. Want to help me with this or that? Yes. Do you a want to babysit? That sounds like fun. It will ever something small, always something extreme. Oh boy, it has truly land me in some sticky situations.

Luckily for me, the same happened when a group of Christians found me. Want to come to church? Yes. Do you want to get baptized? Oh yes. Want to receive the Holy Spirit? Yes. Want to wake up at 6AM to pack out chairs for the church? Yes.

I have to admit, I was not thrilled with the whole packing out of chairs thing. But I am so glad I said yes.

The yes I was the most proud if though, was when Jesus knocked on the door of my heart. You see, He was so gentle. “May I please come in, my son?” Yes Jesus.

Revelation 3:20

20: Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to Him, and he with Me.

What should you say yes to this today? Yes I will give more time. Yes I will seek more. Or it could be simple, Yes Jesus, I will serve you faithfully every day.

You will be surprised on the difference one little yes will make.


Father, I come to you today through Your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank You, Lord, for all that You are and for everything You bless me with. I say yes to you today Father. I believe that this small word will have a significant impact on my spiritual life. Amen

4 thoughts on “How to grow Spiritually

  1. Growing spiritually is a personal responsibility of every believer. Just as physical growth is a function of the kind of nourished food you take and exercise you engage in, in the same way, you grow spiritually when you take the correct spiritual food and exercise. You cannot be taking spiritually junk food and expect to grow spiritually.

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